You can think of the Hot eReviews platform as a sort of an affiliate marketing marketplace.

The affiliate marketing marketplace suits our site perfectly. Imagine going to the market, check out the selections related to your needs, read the informative review and move on to taking action.

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The year is 2019… Here you will find the most powerful, useful and latest We are in contact with all the top creators this year. Further, when they are ready to release a new product we are notified and provided with information. Moreover, we aim to share with you all the info on our site. In addition, we will offer bonuses and special discounts where available. Join the affiliate marketing marketplace community and be among the first to get access to new and upcoming releases, related do affiliate marketing and making money online through affiliate programs. *( register as a new user is in the beta testing phase – coming soon)


Yes, while finding reviews about specific products online is not a problem. It is, however, quite a challenge to find an authentic, valuable review. This is what we offer here on our site. The best genuine product studies in the affiliate marketing industry. This will help you in your online business and make your life much easier. We are a fairly new affiliate company. However, we are working full time so we can offer you informative content and knowledge you are looking for.

Who Am I?

My name is Žiga, and I am the founder and the person who creates content on this website. We are a small team, currently, only 3 people, with occasional freelancers hired to do the dirty code work. We are currently based in a small office in central Europe, in a beautiful green country called Slovenia. Widely known for the most visited cave in all of Europe – Postojna cave. It attracts thousands of visitors every year. 

Why Do We Want To Help You?

It seems important to have this kind of knowledge base available. For instance, we live in an age of technology. Moreover, we are advancing at an incredible rate. New products being released every week, or even on a daily basis. Finding the best one to suit your needs becomes quite a mission impossible… And with all the available reviews online you are thrown into the pit of snakes trying to sell you, never caring about the actual value and customer care. Here you are sure to find the best, most informative and valuable one for you to own.

The Goal Of Our Site?

The goal and purpose are to create an affiliate marketing network full of amazing: And for you to find the best possible service or product on the market today. We recommend increasing your knowledge of the product or service before spending money. Above all, we want to help you save money. Discussing it with other members of the community can yield excellent connections as well. *( register as a new user is in the beta testing phase – coming soon ) If you ever need a hand or have any questions or suggestions, feel free to contact us at or write to All the best, And Much Success In Your Internet Travels Hot eReviews Team