EyeSlick – Video Social Platform

EyeSlick – Video Social Platform

Product: eyeSlick
Launch Date: 2019-Dec-12



Imagine… inviting the next Pewdie Pie to EyeSlick and passively pocketing 5% of ALL his future earnings?!?

Or inviting a school teacher selling personal tutoring, a personal trainer selling one-on-one or small group coaching sessions, a DJ live streaming custom playlists for a wedding or birthday party or a tarot card reader offering readings by the minute.

What about Russel Brunson or another high ticket webinar creator?

And passively earning 5% of those businesses’ future income!

What is eyeSlick?

eyeSlick is a revolutionary new video social platform with inbuilt ecom functionality. 

You can stream live video from your computer, or the iTunes/Playstore apps – or, upload prerecorded videos – or even import from YouTube

Users can make money by selling physical or digital products from their channels, or even simply provide content and get paid when people donate and reward them – similar to sites like Patreon and Twitch.

  • By owning eyeSlick you will be given license with the option to:
    – Activate your ecom-ready, paid traffic enabled (funded by eyeSlick) video channels
    – Sell and/or give away licenses.As a launch special/bonus eyeSlick is allowing customers agency access – so they can give away their channels and earn 5% founders royalty fees on every sale that channel creator earns.
  • Either from sales of physical eCom goods or phone coaching/live video sales or any other way the channel provider monetizes their channel.

eyeSlick is limiting sales to 10,000 bundles – once those are sold NO MORE will be available. This is NOT a fake scarcity. 

Cindy Donovan is dedicated to making eyeSlick a MAJOR social/ecom platform and has secured $1M in verified, venture capital funding to make sure that anyone and everyone will see your channels and want their own!

This funding will be used to drive traffic to featured channels, videos, and our eyeSlick marketplace… as well as providing a $10 cash incentive program.  Your channel viewers can be rewarded $10 to spend on anything on the platform when they invite 5 people to eyeSlick.

Who is eyeSlick for?

Even If You’re Not A:

– Personal trainer
– Business coach
– Musician
– Interior decorator
– A person with training & skills
– Actor or director
– Designer
– A person with a phone
– A person who has hobbies
– Ideas person

– A geek who likes techie things
– Business professional
– A person who gets on camera
– Social media expert
– English speaking person
– Teacher or training professional
– Online marketer
– Journalist
– Blogger or website owner
– A person with lots of spare time

In Fact… What If…

Actually, that’s perfectly ok.

In fact, maybe even BETTER than ok!

So smile! This will work for you!

With 3 simple steps from $0 to profits, even if you’ve never made anything online before.

  • Step 1 – Activate your profit and traffic system
  • Step 2 – Choose how you want your system to look, feel and earn you cash
  • Step 3 – Profit with videos, even if they’re not yours

Literally can be live and taking sales minutes from joining the eyeSlick platform.

Completely beginner-friendly way to earn income online

  • Social media marketing
  • eCommerce
  • video marketing
  • affiliate marketing
  • local marketing
  • creating own products
  • the list keeps going on and on with potential ways you can turn your time online into cash

What is eyeSlick used for?

With eyeSlick we are entering a brand new generation of live streaming

With eyeSlick channel creators can:

  • sell products while live on video
  • sell the videos themselves if they want
  • upload premade videos
  • sell digital or physical products and even
  • sell their time for an individual, small group or massive groups and charge automatically by the minute
  • earn money from donations made on the platform
  • stream on the computer (Mac or PC)
  • Stream and/or watch (buy/sell) on your phone in both the Apple store and Google Play store

Cindy Donovan

From: Cindy Donovan

To: You… if you’re looking for a new way to sell physical products online
Re: The hosted software that lets you get your dream store live, today!

I’m Cindy Donovan, proud Aussie mum of two teenagers, world traveler, self-professed geek and thankfully successful Internet Marketer.

Over the last 12 years, I’ve been able to help tens of thousands of people find easier, faster and better ways to market online – with many success stories of people being empowered to quit their 9-5 and finally start building lives for themselves.

Today I’m going to share how eyeSlick, unleashing a brand new technology –vTail – is going to make a massive difference to your year. Heck, your life!

You’re very fortunate to have arrived on this page today because I’m going to share something completely new, fresh and excitingly untouched!

What is vTail?

vTail is the term they coined to illustrate this powerful platform for profiting with social media, unlike anything you’ve ever seen before

eyeSlick uses vTail to combine video with eCommerce together with a powerful social media twist.

vTail is a viral, video retail encounter online audiences have been waiting for.

In short, eyeSlick bridges the much-needed gap between wanting to sell from video and social media sites to allow you to do that and more with a single click.

Instead of relying on multiple software that sadly falls short, you can do it all without any of the confusing learning curves.

Just click and your channel is live, add products, videos … anything you like as easy as pie!

Introducing eyeSlick

Interactive media marketplace

  • live to broadcast
  • streaming video
  • calls
  • eCommerce
  • social and more

You really can turn your experience into money, from anywhere in the world, using any device.

  • Your own “vTail” channels in any niche on the hottest new video social eCommerce platform!
  • Import videos from YouTube and fill your channel with creative commons content
  • Click and go live from your computer or phone, or upload pre-recorded videos
  • Sell physical or digital products… or even click a button and sell your own time by the minute for online coaching in your field
  • Products are live in moments!  Beautifully delivered and managed inside eyeSlick
  • Receive rewards (including cash!) when you post great content, earning without even selling!
  • 6 months of inbuilt traffic with our fully funded traffic syndicate (10% of eyeSlick’s profits are re-invested in paid advertising to send YOU traffic)

How eyeSlick channels work?

As a channel creator, you’ll be able to

  • go live
  • upload
  • or even import videos from YouTube

You choose your niche, pick what you want to sell and you’re ready to profit.

Live channels across industries :

  • Education
  • Sports
  • News
  • Health
  • eCommerce
  • Fashion
  1. Name Channel – get channel license from this page – simply choose your niche, decide what you want to call your channel and share what you know to the global audience.
  2. List Product – Accept calls – getting paid, by the minute – or take orders for whatever you want to sell. Sell your physical goods or digital too with automatically delivered download links.
  3. Get Paid – Get paid on time for your time – includes services and products. Payment is transferred to you in real-time via PayPal, wire transfer or whatever works best for you.

Key Benefits & Features

Live Broadcastingopen – live – exclusive

  • sell high-end coaching 1-on-1
  • host small group sessions at a special price
  • or send a notification and broadcast to your entire audience with a live webinar

Video Streaming: live – pre-recorded

  • Choose between going live, or uploading pre-recorded videos
  • Use state of the ar call-to-action system to create compelling experiences for your viewers

Sell Video Coursesexclusive sale-multiple buyers

  • Use eyeSlick to upload your videos or create on the fly
  • and sell entire courses or playlists you create
  • Sell exclusive rights to them for a higher ticket price
  • or sell to the masses similar mega-sites like Udemy

Import Videos From YouTubeplaylists – instant import – easy content

  • Build your channels with YouTube videos
  • Simply copy/paste the video URL and it’ll import the video’s title and description
  • All you need to do si decide how you want it to
  • then go ahead and start making money

vTail VIdeo Retail/eCommerceAll-in-one Video Retail – Social Solution

  • Sell digital or physical products
  • Sell affiliate or drop shipping items
  • Sell your time by the minute
  • Add unlimited products
  • Process unlimited sales
  • Take payments with one smooth click

Open Discussionslive chat – cash rewards

  • Similar to the majorly popular Twitch and Patreon websites your viewers can support you by tapping a button to donate.

Scheduling and Push Notificationsautomated inBuilt alerts

  • Let everyone know when you’re going live with the inbuilt push notifications
  • to draw in an instant audience when you add new content
  • or when your next live session is about to begin.

Gamification and Rewardsengaging – fun – an authority

  • Whether you’ve won a competition
  • sold your first item
  • or even just joined the community
  • there are hundreds of celebrations you and your viewers will receive to encourage engagement and interaction.

Anytime, AnywherePC – Mac – Android -iPhone

  • Broadcast live from anywhere you choose directly from your device
  • set up campaigns and create product listings.
  • Everything can be done where you want in a snap!

Watch the video for a complete video walkthrough!

REAL eyeSlick members


The opportunities for eyeSlick are HUGE.

  • Interior decorators can offer their services via live feed
  • Personal shoppers can charge by the minute to consult and deliver
  • Florists can meet more potential wedding clients without leaving their store
  • Real estate agents can do live stream walkthrough’s of properties
  • Libraries can host book clubs and sell their book of the month
  • Lawyers can offer legal advice in a safe/private one-on-one call room
  • High ticket webinar creators can reach a much wider audience just by going live
  • Actors can create a showreel, directors can use it to interview actors…
  • The choice really is up to you

Launch Pricing Schedule

Coupons will ONLY work on the Standard licensing option


 Day 1

9 am: Earlybird Is Live – FE Standard Licence starting at $24.95

8:00 pm: $25.95 – $1 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $24.95)

11:59 pm: $26.95 – $1 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $25.95)


 Day 2

8:00 pm: $28.95 -> $2 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $26.95)

11:59 pm: $29.97 -> $2 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $27.97)


 Day 3

8:00 pm: $31.47 -> $3 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $28.47)

11:59 pm: $31.93 -> $3 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $28.93)


 Day 4

8:00 pm: $33.41 -> $4 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $29.41)

11:59 pm: $33.92 -> $4 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $29.92)


 Day 5

8:00 pm: $35.46 -> $5 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $30.46)

11:59 pm: $35.92 -> $5 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $30.92)


 Day 6

8:00 pm: $36.48 -> $5 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $31.48)

11:59 pm: $36.97 -> $5 coupon code VIDVIP (making price $31.97)


 Day 7

8:00 pm: $38.97 … $6 coupon code LASTCHANCE (making price $32.97)

11:59 pm: end of launch … $67.00 … $20 coupon code SAVE20 (making price $47.00)


 Day 8

Morning … post-launch pricing … $67.00
(post-launch coupon – lasting for 7 days – SAVE20 will stay active taking price to $47) – Due to popular demand, we’ve added a 7-day post-launch pricing discount option, etc


Day 9
Morning … post-launch pricing … $67.00

A post-launch coupon will no longer work.

eyeSlick Packages

EyeSlick Agency Licenses
Front End

  • Customers will be given licenses with the option to:
  • Create eyeSlick channels, listing as many digital/physical products as they like
  • or sell and/or give away licenses for users to create ecom and traffic enabled video channels

Customers will earn 5% founders royalty fees on every sale the channel creator earns either from sales of physical eCom goods or phone coaching/live video sales or any other way the channel provider monetizes their channel.

Limiting sales to 10,000 license bundles – Once those are sold NO MORE will be available. This is NOT a fake scarcity.

$24.97 – $47.00

EyeSlick vTail Manifesto

  •  Channel Targeter Cheatsheets
  • 6 spreadsheets with breakdowns of all channel subcategories and relevant professions they can approach to give away channels
  • 6 Part Video Training Series
  • Exclusive content, high value
  • PDF Companion Documents
  • Promo Resource Bundle
  • Includes email swipe series, professional made video ads, done for you ad creatives with source code, powerpoint presentation, and followup scripts if they want to give the channels away to offline business people or over the phone
  • Website Creation Tools & Training
  • Training showing how to get an agency-type website up and running.


EyeSlick VIP Membership

Channels you create will be given lifetime pro-status


  • Add unlimited products (no longer limited to 4 products per channel)
  • Record and publish more content on their channel (host up to 10hrs of video content)
  • Advertising removed – If you have a pro account you won’t see any ads on the platform and viewers won’t see ads displayed on your channel.
  • Any channel invites you to give away will upgrade your referrals to pro for 6 months
  • They can sell more, earning you more
  • Inclusion in the eyeSlick Pool
  • Will automatically share/distribute our pool of queued guests spots

$197 or split pay options

EyeSlick vTail Overflow

  •  Boost earnings with an extra 3% of the revenue (so 8% total)
  •  20% discount on purchasing future invites
  •  Channel invites get $20 instead of $10 as a bonus for inviting people to eyeSlick

EyeSlick dollars (or just ‘dollars’) are the internal marketplace monetization system and are used to purchase videos, video time from coaches and anyone offering video services.


3 Main eyeSlick Bonuses

BONUS 1: Agency Licensing

Your mind is probably already buzzing with ideas for the different niches you can dominate on this incredible video eCommerce platform

But we want to make this even easier for you by including the ability to giveaway your channel licenses and profit with our “Pay It Forward” agency licensing.

Here’s how it works!

  • You’ll have a special giveaway link you can give to anyone
  • They’ll sign up and create their channel
  • You’ll earn a 5% royalty fee on all income they make on their channels

You can give channels away as bonuses, give them to clients or find successful business people you know will be perfect for eyeSlick, give it to them and you’ll be rewarded!

NOTE: Agency licenses, including the 5% royalty fee bonus is ONLY available when you buy from this page. EyeSlick is guaranteed to go viral (see Bonus 2!), so people will be begging for invites – but only YOURS will have the ability to earn residual royalty fee bonuses.

Pro Tip: Some of our most successful members are simply:

  • Going to YouTube & finding a popular YouTuber
  •  Importing their videos to fill the channel with content
  • THEN… selling, or even gifting it to the YouTuber

You send them login details to their very own fully set up eyeSlick account, they benefit from a hot, growing audience and you claim royalties on everything they earn on the platform!

This Agency Licensing Bonus is ONLY available from this page today, so this technique will only work if you buy your license bundles while this offer’s still available.

BONUS 2: Inbuilt $10 Cash Rewards

To ensure this platform is a raging success, we’re putting our money where our mouth is by including an added $10 incentive reward program, completely free of charge for all of your customers’ referrals.

Every part of eyeSlick is built to make them money.

We’ve added a separate incentivized referral program rewarding users with $10 eyeSlick funds that can be used to buy anything in our entire marketplace.

This means more money in circulation for people to spend on the channels and a whole lot more money that can make it back into your bank account.

BONUS 3: Channel & Traffic Training

Whether they’re creating channels or gifting them to people, we want to give them everything they need to hit the ground running so we’re giving then some power-packed training too!

In this video training they’ll discover:

  • How to choose the most profitable niche
  • Setting up and optimizing your channel
  • Creating and finding content
  • Simple traffic hacks to get your channels noticed

We’ll be adding more videos as we discover new ways people are using their channels to make profits and get even better results faster!

It’s true … YES, you CAN make profitable channels fast using other people’s videos
We’ll show you a legal and ethical way to do this that takes a few minutes to do with our easy to follow video tutorials in your members’ area.

So this is one way around having to create your own video content

However… here’s an even faster way to earn, without creating videos or even having to create a channel yourself! Today when you get your eyeSlick licenses you’ll be able to profit by giving away your channel licenses, with our exclusive launch-only bonuses.

Beginner-Friendly Income & Traffic System


Exclusive Invite-Only Access To Your Brand New Online Profit Magnet

Watch now to discover the secret trick to more traffic, clicks & sales … without the heavy lifting!

Completely beginner-friendly! This is something literally anyone can do, even if you’ve never earned anything online before!

Automate physical or digital product sales, affiliate sales or even get paid with tips and cash rewards like Patreon/Twitch

Copy/paste simplicity supercharges any affiliate offers, websites, lead capture pages, social pages & more for easy leads and sales!

Done-for-you traffic on major traffic networks guarantees your great videos get seen by even greater audiences

And SO MANY MORE WAYS to make money with this revolutionary brand new income and traffic system

Warning: Launch Access Limited!


  • Your own “vTail” channels in any niche on the hottest new video social eCommerce platform!
  • Products are live in moments! Beautifully delivered and managed inside eyeSlick
  • Click and go live from your computer or phone, or upload pre-recorded videos
  • Import your videos from YouTube and fill your channel with creative commons content
  • Sell physical or digital products… or even click a button and sell your own time as a coach
  • Receive rewards (including cash!) when you post great content, earning without even selling!
  • 6 months of inbuilt traffic with our fully funded traffic syndicate (10% of eyeSlick’s profits are re-invested in paid advertising to send YOU traffic)
  • Bonus #1: Agency licensing-Give away your licenses and be rewarded with 5% of their future earnings
  • Bonus #2: Inbuilt $10 Cash Reward Program-New channel creators will earn the chance to get paid $10 with our fully funded rewards program
  • Bonus #3: Channel & Traffic Training-We’ve left nothing to chance, showing you how to get started, what to add and how to profit!
  1. Select Your Channel Bundle
  2. Create your account to receive your choice of eyeSlick channel licenses
  3. PLUS [17] ADDED bonuses including:
  • Agency License Upgrade
    (ONLY Available During Launch From THIS Page)
  • Inbuilt (fully funded) $10 Cash Reward Incentive Program
  • Channel & Traffic Training Video Series
  • Supportive Facebook Community Access
  •  Weekly Live Webinar Online Marketing Training Sessions
  •  Access To Our 56+ Archived Replays Of Our Weekly Training
  •  … 10 Added Extremely Useful (Mystery) Bonuses


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